Custom Search

Search is one of the most exciting parts of our business. It puts us out on a creative limb. Sometimes stock music fits client budget and needs. Other times, a recognizable, pre-recorded hit using the original artists is the only way to go. Each project is unique.


It often takes more than Internet listings to find the right song, more understanding and “feel.” Need a song about sleep? It just might be “Close Your Eyes.” That song you need about “sky” may not have the word “sky” in it. The point is that you may never find the right song if you tie yourself to one word or thought. WJOY has a long history of providing fresh ideas to clients who are too close to their project or stuck on a song that just isn’t available.

Sometimes stock music fits client budget and needs. WJOY has worked hard to build a unique stock music library that sounds hip, classic and cool. We have extensive selections from the music libraries of Sonotone, Carlin, KPN, APM, Bruton, Selected Sound, Master Source Music Library, Hollywood Film Music Library, Sound Ideas Sound Effects, The Mix, Video Helper, Sound Stage and others.